Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Friday, 15 August 2008

Illustration - Girl in Agent Provocateur

Found an advertising photo on the Agent Provocateur website from which i made this sketch. 

Monday, 14 July 2008

Illustration - Girl with blue glasses

Found a small photo of a 'sloaney' girl in a magazine and used it as reference for this illustration. Tried loads of versions with different colours before i settled on this one.

Illustration - David Short in his studio

I rent a studio off photographer David Short. I'm really happy with this illustration but he thinks it's made him look like Hank Hill from 'King of The Hill.' 

Illustration - Isle of Wight Lifeboatman

Inspired by a trip to Black Gang Chine in the Isle of Wight (someone has to be i suppose). There was a lifeboat exhibition with dummies wearing the clothes of lifeboatmen through the ages. I took photos and used them as reference for this illustration.

Sunday, 13 July 2008

Illustration - Roses Awards Invitation posters

Brahm Design in Leeds comissioned me to illustrate the Roses Design Awards invitations. They had an idea already. I just needed to create some characters who's faces suited the lines. I did the hand rendered type too. These are the posters.

Illustration - Brahm Designers Mailer

Another Brahm Design job. They asked me to do a set of illustrations which represent the different kinds of designers which work there. I came up with the characters and accessories and they were mounted on foam board and photographed in mini environments.

Sketchbook work.

Bits and bobs of work with experimentation of colour.

Sketchbook work.

illustration - Portrait of Dave Whitely

Let to live brand icons

This is a project i'm still working on at the minute. It's for a letting agency who are renaming themselves 'let to live'. I've illustrated a set of icons which can be used in various ways to focus on the 'live' part of their name. The colour palette isn't confirmed yet.

Illustration & Design - Whirlow Hall Farm

Whirlow Hall Farm's newsletter used to look rubbish. When i worked at iris i was given a chance to redesign it. Hopefully it looks better now.

Illustration & Design - Hungry Buddha

A Nepalese catering company's need for an identity which was flexible lead to a solution based around a set of stickers.

Illustration - Sketchbook work